As a company which ensures a certain measure of quality in everyday life, we have committed ourselves to compliance with the highest values and guidelines.

Our underlying standard is closely related to the symbol of the tree which has been part of the KRÜGER company logo since our inception: A strong, deeply rooted trunk on the one hand and the various branches with their many constantly regenerating shoots on the other are a perfect illustration of what KRÜGER stands for: sustainable close partnerships and accumulated experience combined with constant passion for innovation - and not least, strong growth even in turbulent times.

In this connection, our most important principle is our commitment to uncompromising quality: beginning with the careful selection and control of raw materials to manufacturing in accordance with the strictest demands on hygiene and quality by which we far exceed some of the legal standards and through to our technology leadership in central areas of our diverse expanding business segments.

Yet our concept of quality and responsibility does not end at the works gate - this is also reflected in our sustainable social commitment:

Donating a smile  – Die Arche e.V. (The ark - a Christian charity for children)
The youth support organisation supported by the KRÜGER Group, “Die Arche”, actively combats child poverty. So far, we have been able to provide over EUR 1 million for the Arche-Haus in Cologne from various donation campaigns and the engagement of KRÜGER customers. This considerably alleviated the youth support organisation’s daily work for children between the ages of 5 and 12 in providing homework support, a varied programme of leisure activities and free lunches.
In addition to our work with the Arche, we support various regional organisations and consider the successes achieved to date to be our incentive for the future.

Future-oriented raw materials procurement
Future-oriented entrepreneurial activity begins with raw material procurement: The KRÜGER Group supports the cocoa co-operative, „Ecoopan“, on the Ivory Coast near San Pedro through its subsidiary company, Ludwig Schokolade. This led to the procurement of a great deal of equipment and the new construction of the drying station in regular farmer training sessions. Due to the close co-operation with the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) (German Association for International Co-operation), farmers learn about the demands of the UTZ and RFA criteria. Purchase obligations and sustainability premiums support the farmers in improving their living and working conditions, which they in turn repay in the form of high-quality raw cocoa. Co-operative work for mankind and environment through future-oriented action.

Conserving resources
The CHP (combined heat and power plant) in our subsidiary company, Milchwerke Mittelelbe GmbH, in Stendal, proves that increasing cost efficiency and active environmental protection really can go hand in hand. The high energy requirement of our production facilities in this location is due above all to the evaporation of liquids in order to conserve powdered products. However, due to the new combined heat and power plant, the steam provides the opportunity to recover energy which can be fed into both the company’s as well as the public power network. By means of three modules and the support of two heat exchangers the CHP was constructed in such a way that it can be adapted to current production conditions at any time.